***UPDATED***The Atheist & Theist Radio Hour

I will be co-hosting a live on-line radio call-in show tonight at 11pm ET with a theist (A Christian preacher).  Check it out.  No sign up or registration is required to listen or call in.  You do have to register (free) if you want to use the chat room.  We will be taking calls and discussing issues of the day, our beliefs, and tolerance.  If all goes well we’re going to make it a regular thing.

Follow the link at 11pm ET and press the click to listen button.  


***So our first show was, well, a learning experience.  If you click the above link now, the archived version of the show will play for you or you can subscribe to it for free using iTunes.  The last 20 minutes are a bit echoey. We had a caller that was using his computer and had his speakers on. We didn’t know it until we listened to the show later.  We had a caller about halfway through that made us realize what we were getting ourselves into. Our next show is Monday night January 5th at 11pm ET. I’ll post a reminder as it gets closer.  If you listen to the first show, leave your feedback in this thread.***


4 Responses to “***UPDATED***The Atheist & Theist Radio Hour”

  1. I wish I could have been there last night, but it was good either way. Its good to hear that phil is not a YEC. You guys may wish to stick to a single subject if you are planning on doing this long term, otherwise you may start getting repetitive. I’ll try to join the chat room on the 5th if possible. What do you have planned for the 5th?

  2. Enshoku,

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the show, thanks for checking it out. I agree that we are going to have to get topic specific in order to keep the show interesting. I’ll get with Phil and maybe we’ll develop a schedule of topics. I’ll let you know what we come up with.

  3. I’ve added you to my blog list, so neither my absentmindedness(holy cow, that is actually a whole word) nor my intarwebs problems shall prevent me from attending the next one live.

  4. I just listened and it sounds like you may be building an interesting format and will try to listen in again live on 1/5. Good luck with your show.

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