Another Christmas Past, But Better

Santa ChristI am the only pronounced atheist in my family.  I have in-laws that are evangelicals and my parents are devout Catholics.  My wife considers herself to be spiritual but won’t label herself with any religion. Our children are brought up secular, but do have religious influences from our parents and extended family. This is something that I struggle with but I am raising them to be critical thinkers.  If religion comes up, my wife and I are very clear about our beliefs.  With all of that being said, I am very happy with the way this Christmas was celebrated in our household.  All of the family was present, we had a good time, drank a few beers, and exchanged gifts. The kids got Rockband for the Wii and I have selfishly taken over the drums 🙂 

Guess what?  Not once did anyone in my religious family bring up the birth of Jesus.  Trust me when I say that the lack of Jesusness was not out of respect for me or my atheism.  I think it’s just an evolution of the holiday, at least in our family.  Many hardcore Christians get upset over the commercialism of Christmas and try to get the flock to remember what the holiday is supposed to mean to them.  I don’t particularly care for the commercialism of the holiday either even though I participate in it.  What I like most is everybody in the family getting together, hanging out, listening to music, maybe having one too many drinks, and most of all, taking a break from the daily grind.    

Religious traditions are a part of human history, however, we’re proving that we don’t need the religion to enjoy the tradition.  

Thank you Horus or Jesus or Santa or whoever….

Hope your Christmas was as cool as mine.


2 Responses to “Another Christmas Past, But Better”

  1. Happy monkey to you SC. My family was pretty secular-ish as well this year, and thankfully I didn’t have to re-live the awkward prayer moment of thanksgiving a month ago. We were wii bowling at my family’s get together, and it was quite fun.

  2. As a fellow Xmas-celebrating-atheist, I understand your reservations about celebrating with devout christians. The thing I find most ridiculous about Xmas is how many other holidays have been assimilated by the christians over the centuries that actually make up the celebration of Xmas. Pagan trees, solstice timing, there are a lot of older traditions that were adopted and converted into what we have come to know as Xmas.

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