Cool Design?

This video is graphic.  

If you believe that your god is punishing these children because a man 6000 years ago ate an apple off of a tree after being told not to do so, and you continue to worship that god, it’s time to reconsider.  Really, it’s time. Take a look at the other side.  Ask yourself why people are non-believers and atheists.  It’s not because we’re mad at your god,  that would make us angry theists.  It’s because it’s not reasonable to believe these things and its not reasonable (or scientific) to believe in intelligent design.  Start asking questions.  If you believe that questioning your faith weakens your faith, then how much faith did you actually have in the first place?


3 Responses to “Cool Design?”

  1. so isnt it a characteristic of a bitter atheist to force others to believe that there is no God why we believers never force you to believe that there is God? Who made all of you the determinant of people’s freedonm to believe? Why cant you just keep quiet with your beliefs? Does it have to proclaim to the the world? “Its like telling the world, Hey people your god sucks but I’m gorgeous”, yeah right!

    What can’t you just let others be? Why do you have to drag people on your stupid bitterness, misery and pessimism? How I wish you all just vanish like a bubble into thin air. You are all pathetic!

  2. I am gorgeous. Don’t hate.

  3. The poster from above is not the theist from the show…thats me.

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