img_01181Tonight on the Atheist & Theist Radio Hour, Phil and I will be discussing Mormonism.  The Mormons and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have been in the news lately because of a controversial episode of the HBO series Big Love which aired last night.  In this episode, one of the main characters is portrayed going through the “secret” temple ceremony.

Personally, I love the show.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a family that practices polygamy and they  believe that they are practicing the true principals of Mormonism.  They have been outcast by their family and the LDS church because of their lifestyle.  Anyway, I strongly recommend it.

I am fascinated with this relatively new religion and their prophet Joseph Smith.  It’s much easier to observe the outrageous falsehoods and claims that Mormon’s make when the real history of Joseph Smith can be studied and examined by secular historians.  My knowledge of the Mormon’s is very limited, so we’re going to have a guest on our program tonight that goes by the name of Baura Kale.  Baura was raised in the religion and now considers himself an atheist and ex-Mormon.  We will also have Art Bulla on the show.  Art is a Mormon and believes that he is “the One Mighty and Strong” that Joseph Smith prophesied would come to set the church in order.  Whoa!  Art has a show on BTR.

I attempted to speak to a member of the local LDS Church to learn about the basic tenets and get a Book of Mormon, but they would not return my calls.  I even went to the church and found an empty parking lot.  All I have to say is they had their chance to convert me and blew it.  🙂

Tonight’s show airs live at 11pmET.  The chat room will be open at 10:30 and we will be taking question from the room or by phone.  See you there.


3 Responses to “Mormonism”

  1. I look forward to a Great Show tonight!! Doesn’t mormonism sound an a lot like islam? How when you die you get all the womens??? What about all the hate?

  2. Art Bulla, oh man. He is known by a few (scratch that, very very few) LDS members as a nut job. I’m sure he won’t come off any better on your show. Too bad you couldn’t get a normal Mormon to come on and talk with you guys. At least the Mormon now Atheist guy should be able to give some good insight. Peace!

  3. @ Jay

    You were absolutely right. When I invited Art, I didn’t realize that he was a self proclaimed “prophet.” When I listened to clips of his radio show and realized what we were getting ourselves into, the invitation had already been accepted and I thought, well it least it will be entertaining. The first half of the show with Baura Kale was great, the second part, with Art, was more like a carnival side show. You can listen to the archive or subscribe through iTunes for free.

    We do a live show every week on either Sunday or Monday night @ 11pmET. We do have topics, but we take calls and questions on anything at any time, so you are welcome to listen and call in this Sunday (or during any show) and discuss whatever you would like. Our topic this week is Cults.

    Thanks, Mike

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