Demons & Possession

3a3f68e6-20ab-4c48-9693-3ca61c4f8551sunset-space-pacific-ocean-thumbTonight 3/30/09 at 11pmEt on the Atheist & Theist Radio Hour, Phil and I discuss demons and possession.  Check it out live if you can.  Join us in the chat room or call in at (646) 716-4689.  If you can’t catch us live, check out our archives and download episodes for free.


5 Responses to “Demons & Possession”

  1. pschristian Says:

    The power of the Lord repel you, the power of the Lord repel you, the pow……lol

  2. I think it’s, “the power of Christ compels you!” And why do you look so mean?

  3. pschristian Says:

    the devil made me do it….

  4. @ allusionist- I finally had a chance to watch the trailer and look into this. IT IS SO FUCKING FUNNY!!!! It appears that it’s a real Christian Indy flick and it’s supposed to be kind of a cute inspirational story about a praise band who started from nothing and made it “big.” What I can’t figure out is whether it’s satire or if it’s just that “God” awful. Either way, I think it’s a must see. I wish I could watch it stoned!

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