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South Carolina Among Most Religious States

Posted in religion, surveys with tags , , , , , , on February 2, 2009 by scatheist

In a recent Gallup Poll South Carolina ranked third in the top most religious states.  No shit?   Only Mississippi and Alabama ranked higher.  xw2kcfv_-uoaf5qxy-ygbwThe question that Gallup asked was, “Is religion an important part of your life?”  Vermont ranked highest in the least religious state category with all of New England in the top five.  It’s too bad my wife can’t stand the cold.826a77t2-uiaboqv6hkdugWhat amazes me (not really) is look at the comparison between Gallups religiosity map and the presidential red state/blue state map. ztx77iknqkk8tksbouojiwstatemapredbluer512Draw your own conclusions.


Coming out as an Atheist

Posted in surveys with tags on December 19, 2008 by scatheist

Very interesting survey for atheists that have or have not come out of the proverbial closet.  The survey closes on 12/31 and the results will be posted sometime after that on atheist nexus.  


h/t PZ