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South Carolina Atheist on Twitter

Posted in atheist, the site with tags , , , on March 12, 2009 by scatheist

The South Carolina Atheist can now be followed on Twitter.  Add me as a friend and I will follow you in kind.  I’ll still be blogging here frequently, but with my schedule these days, twitter might be a more convenient outlet for some quick rants.


Out to Lunch

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050718badartSorry for recent absence and neglect of the old heathenistic blog here.  I have no excuse, so go ahead and stone me you bastards.  I’ll get back on track soon.

A couple of quickies.

Bobby Jindal is an exorcist.

Women are more religious than men.

Using Bio-fuel is a sin.

Quiz.  Do you have biblical morals?

Phil (The Theist) and I will be discussing some of these articles tonight at 11pmET on the Atheist & Theist Radio Hour.  Our main topic, however, is going to be Conversion Tactics.   Child indoctrination. Missionary work. Televangelism. What works and what doesn’t. Were you indoctrinated as a child? Did you see a cool preacher on TV? Or, did these things make you de-convert? Join us in the chat room or call in with your questions and comments.

The Origin of this Blog

Posted in the site with tags , , , on December 18, 2008 by scatheist

Any atheist living in the bible belt understands how difficult it can be to find like minded people.  I am no exception.  So today, I thought that I’d conduct a search for a local atheist community.  Googling South Carolina Atheists, I found nothing.  Considering that I’ve been a sociopolitical blogger for about a year over at, I figured why not start a blog for and about atheists and the separation of church and state as well as the promotion of secular livelihood for the few rationalists that reside in South Carolina.  I plan to focus on local issues and I would like this site to grow into a community for local atheists, however, this blog will not be limited to South Carolinian’s.  Anyone, regardless of geographical location and religious beliefs are welcome and encouraged to comment.