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img_01181Tonight on the Atheist & Theist Radio Hour, Phil and I will be discussing Mormonism.  The Mormons and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have been in the news lately because of a controversial episode of the HBO series Big Love which aired last night.  In this episode, one of the main characters is portrayed going through the “secret” temple ceremony.

Personally, I love the show.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a family that practices polygamy and they  believe that they are practicing the true principals of Mormonism.  They have been outcast by their family and the LDS church because of their lifestyle.  Anyway, I strongly recommend it.

I am fascinated with this relatively new religion and their prophet Joseph Smith.  It’s much easier to observe the outrageous falsehoods and claims that Mormon’s make when the real history of Joseph Smith can be studied and examined by secular historians.  My knowledge of the Mormon’s is very limited, so we’re going to have a guest on our program tonight that goes by the name of Baura Kale.  Baura was raised in the religion and now considers himself an atheist and ex-Mormon.  We will also have Art Bulla on the show.  Art is a Mormon and believes that he is “the One Mighty and Strong” that Joseph Smith prophesied would come to set the church in order.  Whoa!  Art has a show on BTR.

I attempted to speak to a member of the local LDS Church to learn about the basic tenets and get a Book of Mormon, but they would not return my calls.  I even went to the church and found an empty parking lot.  All I have to say is they had their chance to convert me and blew it.  🙂

Tonight’s show airs live at 11pmET.  The chat room will be open at 10:30 and we will be taking question from the room or by phone.  See you there.


South Carolina Atheist on Twitter

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The South Carolina Atheist can now be followed on Twitter.  Add me as a friend and I will follow you in kind.  I’ll still be blogging here frequently, but with my schedule these days, twitter might be a more convenient outlet for some quick rants.

The Atheist & Theist Radio Hour

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3a3f68e6-20ab-4c48-9693-3ca61c4f8551sunset-space-pacific-ocean-thumbTonight 3/8/09  at 11pmET on the Atheist & Theist Radio Hour, Phil discusses how he survived a sit down with a room full of atheists and non-believers.  I will be recounting an on air debate that I had with a couple of self-proclaimed fundamentalist Christians.  We’re also going to discuss today’s slaying of an Illinois pastor, stem cells. and how belief equates with morality around the world.  Join us in the chat room or call in at (646) 716-4689.

Out to Lunch

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050718badartSorry for recent absence and neglect of the old heathenistic blog here.  I have no excuse, so go ahead and stone me you bastards.  I’ll get back on track soon.

A couple of quickies.

Bobby Jindal is an exorcist.

Women are more religious than men.

Using Bio-fuel is a sin.

Quiz.  Do you have biblical morals?

Phil (The Theist) and I will be discussing some of these articles tonight at 11pmET on the Atheist & Theist Radio Hour.  Our main topic, however, is going to be Conversion Tactics.   Child indoctrination. Missionary work. Televangelism. What works and what doesn’t. Were you indoctrinated as a child? Did you see a cool preacher on TV? Or, did these things make you de-convert? Join us in the chat room or call in with your questions and comments.

Jesus and the Stimulus

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The American Issues Project, a right wing PAC, just purchased a one-million dollar ad buy using Jesus to put the stimulus bill into perspective. Check out this article, from a writer on another blog that I’m a part of, for some good context and analysis on this kind of garbage.  

The Atheist & Theist Radio Hour Tonight 11pmET

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3a3f68e6-20ab-4c48-9693-3ca61c4f8551sunset-space-pacific-ocean-thumbTonight @ 11pmET, Phil and I will try to answer the question, Does religion poison everything?  Check out the show live here.  Call in at (646) 716-4689 and join us in the chat room, which will open at 10:30.  See you there!  All previous shows are archived on the site as well, so if you miss it live, you can download any episode free of charge.

Atheist Christian Debate at USC

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Last night, the University of South Carolina hosted a debate for and against the existence of God.  The debate was organized by USC’s Secular Alliance in honor of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday.  Dan Barker argued against the existence of God and Kyle Butt argued for it.  This is the first time such a debate took place at USC.  Congrats to USC’s Secular Alliance for raising atheist awareness.  Keep up the good work!

Check out the story here.


Thanks to Brian, here is the link to the full MP3 audio from the debate.